Best Vacuum For Commercial Carpet

Best Vacuum For Commercial Carpet.

Choosing the best vacuum for commercial carpet can be tough and tricky. You must know what you should look for while buying a vacuum cleaner for commercial purposes. A commercial vacuum is a mandatory daily cleaning assistant that you must have, no matter if you have a small restaurant or a big office.

Many times, commercial spaces are covered in different types of carpeting. Choosing the perfect vacuum for cleaning commercial carpets can save a lot of time, energy, and keep your working environment neat and clean.

Not all the vacuums on the market are capable of cleaning commercial carpets. Lots of household vacuum brands make commercial vacuum cleaners. They just put their regular vacuums with a higher amount of power and a long cord without having the ability to efficiently clean a commercial space.

Which vacuum will be good for you, will depend on what type of space you have. So before investing a lot of money to buy a commercial vacuum, you must know which vacuum will fulfill your needs.

The Best Vacuum for Commercial Carpet

What to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner for commercial carpets:

Before going for a good commercial vacuum for carpeting floors, here are the things you should consider.

Type of Carpet: Commercial carpets can be of different types. Some carpets come with a thick low pile, some are more shag and high pile. If you go for a commercial upright, then please check if you can adjust the height of the vacuum to clean different pile carpets.

Type of Vacuum: The type of vacuum you should go for carpet cleaning can be an upright or a canister. In terms of commercial purposes, backpack vacuums are also very popular in the market. If your commercial space contains many hard to reach the area, like an office with lots of tables, chairs, and upholstery, then finding a commercial canister or backpack vacuum with multipurpose extra nozzles will be great for you.

Easy to Use: If you are not going to use the vacuum on your own, then whoever operates it should clearly understand how to use it. An easy-to-use vacuum is always a handy option. It reduces the chance of wrong use and ultimately a ruined vacuum by your workers.

HEPA Filter: Having a good HEPA filter is very important for commercial vacuums, especially if you have a carpeted floor. A carpet catches a lot more dust than any other type of floor. HEPA filters ensure cleaner air and the best option for allergy-sensitive people.

CRI Certification:  CRI certification is provided by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which indicated that the vacuum is good to use on carpets and rugs. It is better to go with a vacuum with CRI certification if your commercial space contains a lot of areas covered by carpet.

These are a few core features you need to have a vacuum for commercial carpets. Along with that, check if the vacuum has a powerful suction. It is better to have a lightweight vacuum that is easy to maneuver.

The cord should be longer than household vacuums. Extra attached tools like hose, crevice and upholstery brushes are useful for office spaces. In the case of big area workstations, a wide-mouth vacuum is very convenient to use.

Our Top 5 Best Commercial Carpet Vacuum Reviews:

1. Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1

Oreck - U2000RB-1 Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner, For Carpet and Hard Floor, U2000RB1, Red
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easy to use at 9 pounds for transportation from room to room and up stairways
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: High-speed, balanced, double helix brushes that spins at a maximum of 6500 RPMs
  • MULTI-FLOOR CLEANING: Scatterguard squeegee allows scatter-free cleaning on all surfaces—including carpet, wood, laminate and tile—without manual changes to heights or settings

Oreck manufactures high-class commercial vacuum cleaners that are very popular in the market. Oreck U2000RB-1 is one of those upright commercial vacuums that comes with all the features that you need to clean a commercial carpet.

This vacuum cleaner is certified as a CRI Gold Level vacuum from The Carpet & Rug Institute. With powerful 5000-6500 RPM high-speed operation and automatic floor adjustments for different types of floors, it a great carpet cleaner for your commercial space. The wide 12” cleaning path makes it great for cleaning a wide space within a short amount of time.

Besides using carpet, it can be used on wood, laminate, or tiled floors. Using this vacuum is very easy with the convenient on/off switch and Helping Hand handle. It comes with a long 40 ft cord. This vacuum is a great option for cleaning commercial carpets and the price is also reasonable.

2. Hoover HushTone Upright

Hoover Commercial HushTone Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 15 inches with Intellibelt, For Carpet and Hard Floors, CH54115, Gray
  • HUSHTONE 2-SPEED MOTOR: Quickly toggle between less disruption with quiet 69 dB performance and a Boost Mode for extra power
  • EXTENDED-LIFE BELT: Advanced circuitry protects long lasting belt by shutting the motor off to avoid belt breakage
  • SEALED ALLERGEN SYSTEM: Traps 99% of dirt, dust and pollens down to 0.5 microns for cleaner air with Hexaguard Technology

Hoover makes a wide range of household vacuums. Their commercial vacuums are as amazing as their Household ranges. This Hoover is specially designed and loved for quiet operation. But besides silent operation, this vacuum is great for carpets and rugs cleaning. This is another Gold Level CRI certified vacuum, which proves the amazing efficiency of this commercial vacuum cleaner to clean carpets and rugs.

It also comes with 2-speed motors, which let you clean at a boosting suction power in the high traffic area. This vacuum is great for allergy-sensitive people, as it comes with HEPA filter technology. It comes at a great price. The only thing that I don’t like about this vacuum is 18.5 pounds of weight, where the Oreck vacuum has only 8 pounds of weight. It can be hard if you need to carry it on the stairs.

3. Sanitaire EUKSC535 Backpack Vacuum

Sanitaire EUKSC535 Backpack Vacuum, 11.50 amp, 2.50 gal, Black
  • Perfect solution for keeping air clear when air quality is an issue
  • Offers less user fatigue, reduced turnover and greater cleaning efficiency
  • 11-1/2 amp motor cleans quietly for added convenience

Sanitaire EUKSC535 is a wearable backpack vacuum that is great to clean commercial carpets. With a powerful 11.5-amp motor, multiple surface cleaning ability, and amazing quiet operation this can be a great option for anyone looking for a commercial backpack vacuum.

This is a Gold Level CRI certified commercial vacuum that comes with a sealed HEPA system. The vacuum is only 11.5 pounds and it operates very silently. So, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaning commercial carpet, it is a great backpack solution.


4. ProTeam Super Coach Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration and Telescoping Wand Tool Kit, 10 Quart, Corded
  • Xover Floor Tool - All-in-one tool for low-pile carpets and hard surfaces (not recommended for high pile carpets and delicate wood floors). Voltage: 120V
  • LARGE CAPACITY - 10-quart filter provides maximum cleaning ability with 3 times the capacity of a standard upright vac making it perfect for large areas
  • IMPROVED AIR QUALITY - Four Level Advanced Filtration with HEPA media filter to help students and teachers breathe better air; certified Gold by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)

This versatile vacuum can clean different types of surfaces and furniture easily with its powerful motor and great suction. The GOLD Level CRI certification guarantees you to clean your commercial carpets properly without causing it any damage. For better air quality, it comes with HEPA filters.

This vacuum has a large capacity, and it produces a low amount of noise while operating it. The 50-foot power cord lets you easily clean along the area without any interruption. It is a great choice for cleaning commercial carpets.


5. Hoover C2401 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Baggged Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, For Carpet and Hard Floors, C2401,Black
  • Lightweight design weighs less than 10 pounds allows for superior mobility
  • Chiropractor designed harness reduces user strain
  • Quiet Operation- clean without disrupting the environment around you

Hoover C2401 is another backpack vacuum that is good for cleaning commercial space, especially good for the carpeted floor. It is a lightweight backpack vacuum that comes with 48 long power cords and few very efficient cleaning tools. The front belt design is much comfortable for the person who is carrying the vacuum. This vacuum comes with HEPA filter technology and it is a Bronze Level CRI certified vacuum cleaner.


Carpet cleaning can be tricky especially when it is an area where there is a lot more traffic than usual. To keep your commercial space carpeting clean and fresh every day, there is nothing like a powerful commercial vacuum. All these vacuums are great for cleaning carpets.

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