How Often to Vacuum?

How often to vacuum?How often to vacuum?

Well, there is nothing like a freshly vacuumed house. It may not be answered generally. But vacuuming more than once a week is what most people seem to do, once a day if you have pets. If I try to generalize and simplify the answer I’d say the more traffic, the more frequently your house needs to get vacuumed.

So, How Often Should I Vacuum?

  • Vacuum once a day if you have a big family with a few pets and children. Larger families usually stay in bigger houses, which may not be possible to clean by one-person daily. It is more convenient if you can schedule and divide the cleaning responsibilities to the other members of your house too. If the house is very big then clean the high traffic areas daily. Leave the rest of it to clean twice a week.
  • For medium or small families with big houses and pets, cleaning twice a week or every alternate day can be good. For detailed and above-floor cleaning you can use the small attachments and brushes and do that on weekends when you have more free time. If you want to save your weekend times for having fun and not by doing the chores then it is better to find some time on weekdays to do the detailed cleaning or even once a fortnight. If you can manage to keep on top of ‘edges and ledges’ then they won’t take as long to clean.
  • Small families with usually light traffic at home can go vacuuming just once a week. If you are lucky enough to have a small amount of dust in your house then dusting twice a month can be great for you. You can put your dusting routine on the same day as vacuuming. Remember to dust before you vacuum. That way you will get rid of the loose dust from your floor and furniture.
  • If you have pets then you should vacuum your house more frequently. The pet hair and dander is the reason why you need to clean your home more often. My cousin has four dogs in her house and she lives with her boyfriend. They share the vacuuming routinely and vacuum the whole house at least twice a week, sometimes more. Besides that, they also use a handheld pet efficient vacuum for upholstery cleaning as and when it’s needed.
  • Having someone who has allergies in your house or a family member with asthma for example may require more frequent cleaning. You don’t want a member of your family to have dust allergies just because you are too lazy to use your vacuum. So, in case of having an allergy-sensitive person in your house, try using a good vacuum cleaner that is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. Ideally, you should be looking for a vacuum with a HEPA filter. These effective filters can trap up to 99.97% of dust particles.
  • How much time should you spend on daily cleanliness? If you don’t have much time then try to divide it between the days of the week. Instead of vacuuming the whole house at once, you could clean one room at a time.

How Often to Vacuum Carpet?

If your house contains lots of carpeted areas then you know how hard it is once the carpet has captured a lot of dirt and dust in it. I personally love using beautiful carpets in my house.  It doesn’t only make my home look elegant but also brings a warm feeling that I never find in walking the bare floors. Carpets are really hard to clean. Unless you regularly maintain the carpet by vacuuming it and don’t let the dust and dirt settle.

How often to vacuum my carpet? Ideally at least once a week. But it is also not good practice to vacuum your plush and high pile carpets too often. You can end up ruining the sensitive material of the carpet by using a motorized brush roll. You should know how much suction your carpet can handle and how often you should vacuum your carpet to keep it clean.

Once a month

Vacuuming a carpet once a month should be good enough if you just have regular traffic in your house. Heavy traffic with pets may require double the cleaning. In case of very light traffic, you can vacuum your carpet once in two months.

What I do is to do all the vacuuming downstairs on Monday and Fridays, before and after the weekend, because I do that every week then it doesn’t take as long to do. I also do upstairs on Friday, it’s just my routine. You could follow that or do something else that works for you. No matter if you vacuum your carpet, once a month or every two months, try to work on a cycle. That way, you’ll know how much time and effort you’ll need to clean it.

Benefits of vacuuming frequently:  

To keep you healthy and to have the psychological and social benefits of cleanliness, there is no better way than keeping your living space dust and dirt free. It is good to regularly vacuum your whole house. But in our busy schedules, it may often harder to manage the time or energy to vacuum a house. But once you set it as a routine and practice more vacuuming in your house, you’ll find the ultimate benefits that it can provide.

  • A clean house makes you feel more organized, responsible, and happy than a messy one. Having a frequent vacuuming habit can increase your productivity and make you feel more active.
  • Less dust means less decaying of your furniture and carpets fibers. Vacuuming does not only make your furniture and carpets look better, but also prevents them from getting damaged in the long run.
  • If you regularly vacuum your house that means there is no layer of dust coated on your furniture and carpets where dust mites can live.
  • It is also said by the experts that a clean house is just as important as your everyday exercise.