How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Filter

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Filter

The filtration system is a very important part of a vacuum cleaner. It is not only necessary to keep your vacuum cleaner running properly without losing suction, but also to keep the air in your house clean and fresh. Especially if any of your homes has allergy problems, it is a must to have good filters in your vacuums. So, how to clean a vacuum filter?

No matter how quality filters you get with your vacuum cleaner, it will stop working if you don’t do the maintenance as needed. To keep your vacuum cleaner running as new, this is how you need to clean the vacuum filters without damaging anything.

Types of Filters

Before going to the cleaning steps, you should know a few types of filters that are usually used in vacuum cleaners.

There are cartridge vacuum cleaner filters that you may need to replace after a certain amount of time. To keep it clean within the lifespan of this type of filter, you need to tap off the dust.   A foam filter is the most basic type of filter and usually washable to re-use. Besides that, there are disk filters, which may look like a coffee filter. These filters can be both washable or not. So, before going to clean your vacuum filter you need to properly check if the filters are washable with water or not.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Filter – Steps to Take:

  • Check User Manual:

    Always read the manual before doing any DIY with your electronic devices. The manual will clearly mention how many filters and what type of filters are there in your vacuum.

  • Washable or not:

    It is very important to check if your filters are washable or not. The manual will mention which filters are washable and which are not and how often you need to clean or change the filters.

  • Remove the Filters:

    Usually, there is more than one filter in vacuum cleaner now a day. Locate the filters and remove them carefully. You may need to do the job outside your house because it gets really messy. If you have an allergy problem then remember to put a good quality mask to ignore the dust particles.

  • Loose dust by tapping:

    While dislocating the filters, it will reveal lots of dust and dirt. Try to tap the filter to remove that dirt carefully without causing any damage.

  • Wash and Rinse:

    Wash the vacuum filter with cold water and rinse properly. Never use soapy elements to clean your filters unless it is clearly mentioned in the product manual.

  • Let dry for 24 hours:

    Your vacuum filter needs to get dry at least 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. After 24 hours, you can put the clean filter back to the vacuum unit and work with it again.

  • Un-washable Filters:

    If the product manual instructs that the filter is not washable then you need to get rid of the dirt only by tapping it.

  • Air Compressor Blow Gun:

    To properly clean a filter without soaking it in the water a very effective way is to blow it with air. If you have an air compressor blow gun in your house then you can clean the filters with it very easily.

  • Cleaning a HEPA filter:

    Usually, HEPA filters are not for cleaning. So, don’t try to clean it by yourself. These are very sensitive types of filters. For regular maintenance, you can just tap the dust out of this kind of it once in a while. Also, you must change the filters as instructed by the manufacturers.

  • Replacement:

    All type of filters has a limited lifespan. Depending on your usage the time can vary. You can check the manual for the time period and go for a replacement once the lifespan is over.

It is a must to keep your vacuum filters keep clean. If the filters are dirty and are not cleaned regularly, it will not let the vacuum function properly. There will be extra pressure on the motors and not to mention you will not get the full suction. This is another reason why people keep complaining about new vacuum units not having full suction. Dirty vacuum filters are the main reason for losing suction and ultimately a damaged vacuum unit. So, after every 4/5 uses a filter needs to be cleaned. I clean mine every month!

Additional Tips for Properly Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner Filter

  • Check your filters regularly, so that you can track when it needs a cleaning or a replacement.
  • Never wash a single-use filter. Washing an un-washable filter will just ruin your vacuum cleaner.
  • If you have an allergy problem then avoid doing this job by yourself. Call for someone’s help.
  • Do not use soapy elements to clean your filters.
  • Dry the filters properly, at least for 24 hours. Even if it looks dry from outside, never put it back until you’ve let it dry properly for 24 hours.
  • Never use a brush or any kind of scrub to clean the filters. It will simply ruin the filter.
  • Always know your vacuum model and read the instructions in the manual. Change the filters as mentioned in the manual.

How Often Should You Change the Vacuum Filters

Many users have a very common question about changing vacuum filters. How often should you change the vacuum filter? Well, it depends on two things. One is, what your user manual says and another is how often and how heavily do you use your vacuum cleaner.

The same vacuum that a big house with lots of family members use, may not be used as frequently by a small apartment holder. Your usage and how much dirt the vacuum needs to deal with, are what decides how often you need to go for a replacement.

Besides that, changing vacuum filters too frequently could be a costly option, but cleaning may not be. So, it is best to keep your vacuum filters clean. Regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of both the vacuum filters and the vacuum cleaner itself.