How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet

How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet.

Getting hair out of the carpet can be tricky at times but you can perform this daunting task by practicing some of our simple tricks. These tips miraculously loosen the grip of the long stiff hair and allow you to remove it quickly.

1. Vacuum Cleaning with a Motorized Brush Roll:

Getting long hair out of carpet

First of all, a good vacuum cleaner with powerful suction should be able to get remove any embedded hair, however, you generally find that it is the more expensive ones that are more efficient. I have seen people who already have a top-rated vacuum cleaner and still have trouble getting long hair from the carpet. Below are a few cheaper options to consider that may help you.

Most vacuums will remove hidden hair from your carpet. Make sure to use the pet hair brushes which are specialized for hair removal. Also while cleaning the carpet, make sure to use full airflow.

Sometimes when your carpet doesn’t have a good pile then it can come up while vacuuming. If you decrease the suction then it should solve the problem. If your vacuum has a brush roll, then it may tangle after a few uses on long hair. Long hair tangled brush rolls can be disgusting things to clean. So, if you do not want to face this problem just buy a vacuum that comes with tangle-free brush tools.
Most of the newer models of Dyson vacuums for pet hair feature something called ‘Anti hair-wrap technology’, basically a comb locks into the brush roll while it is spinning and stops long hair, threads of cotton, etc from getting tangled – a great design!

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2. Clean with a Rubber Broom:

How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet

If you ask me how to get long hair out of your carpet without causing any harm to it, then I would suggest using a rubber broom. If your house is mostly covered with carpet and rugs, then this is the thing you need for regular cleaning. Rubber brooms can work on any kind of carpets. I have seen many professional salons using this type of cleaning tool too.

It’s a very easy & handy solution for fast and regular cleaning. No matter if you have rugs, stairs covered with carpet, or a whole room carpet, you can simply sweep it with a rubber broom. Choose a wider bristle head if your carpet is big.

Most of the time long hair gets stuck within the carpet fibers. To clean the fibers with a rubber broom, make sure you pull the dirt rather than pushing it. It is more efficient and easier. You’ll see the bristles of rubber are more effective than a regular carpet brush to remove hair.

You can quickly clean the dirty broom head by washing it with soap and water.

3. Use a Rug Rake:

How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet using a rug rakeThis is another effective solution for getting long hair off the carpet. Rug rakes are very similar to a rubber broom, but the bristles are thinner, longer, and usually made of thin metal needles.

Most rug rakes are specially made for pet fur and long hair. It is more appropriate for deeper fiber carpets as the bristles grab the long hair and remove it from the carpet.

You can use it just like a carpet brush to remove the hair. The long handle of the rake is usually adjustable. Personally, I find that rug rakes are more useful for rugs and long fiber carpets. After using your rake, just simply comb it to remove the leftover hair from the bristles.

4. Shower Squeegee with a Rubber Head:

How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet using a shower squeegee

A shower squeegee is one of my favorite cleaning tools to get long hair out of the carpet. Most of us will already have a shower squeegee in our house so it won’t cost you anything to try it.

It’s only really helpful on small-fiber carpets, not rugs. Unlike a rubber broom or rug rake, you can’t really clean a large area with it, more like just for ‘spot’ cleaning.


5. Sponge Mop & Lukewarm Water:

Get Long Hair Out of Carpets with a spongeYou can use a normal kitchen sponge that is bigger in size and wet with lukewarm water. Then thoroughly move it across the whole carpet. It may not be the best way to remove hair from carpets that are large in size.

Larger carpets will take so much more time and effort to clean this way. It is effective when the carpet size is small, and the hair amount is not too heavy. There are few pet hair sponges available in the market that you can use without soaking in water. I personally did not find those very much use but if you do try a sponge then try using it soaking in water first.


6. DIY Sticky Roller:

How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet with a sticky roller The sticky roller is an interesting kind of product to get long hair from the carpet. You can buy one or simply can make one yourself. Get a painting roller and wrap it with thick double-sided duct tape. Now roll it over your carpet. It should be good enough for a medium-sized carpet.

The only hassle is changing the tape every time the glue isn’t as sticky. The same goes for the sticky rollers you can buy. You can also use the sticky rollers available from the store but after heavy use, you’ll need to wash the roll and you can’t really work with it until it’s completely dry. Although this can be a less costly solution, I wouldn’t suggest this type of roller for heavy and frequent use.

7. Fabric Softener to Make the Hair Pull Away Easily:

Get Long Hair Out of Carpets using fabric conditioner

Using a fabric softener on the carpet can do a wonderful job. The softener will soften the stiff hair tangled in the carpet so that you may be able to clean it easily with a rubber broom, a vacuum cleaner, or any other appropriate equipment. Just make a solution combining water and fabric softener and spray it on the carpet. This powerful liquid will loosen the hair grip on the carpet. Now you can clean up the mess with any suitable device.

To make the fabric softener solution take one part fabric softener and two parts lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Make sure you do not spray too much and ruin your carpet!


8. Rubber Gloves & Rubber Shoes:

This one will make you laugh, but trust me, it works. Rubber gloves and shoes work like magic, and you can clean the use rubber gloves to remove long hair from carpetswhole carpet by yourself.


So these little tricks you can try to get rid of that hair. If you have a dust allergy, always wear a mask while cleaning. To prevent any dust odor, you can simply sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes, then just vacuum your carpet, and the whole room will be deodorized.


9. Use Double-Sided Tape

Using a double-sided tape is a smart idea but a bit time-consuming and labor-intensive. Wrap the double-sided tape around your hand and move your hand around the carpet. The hair will eventually stick on the tape. This activity requires you to put considerable effort to move here and there but have good results too. Note that you should keep replacing the tape as soon as it gets full of hair and start losing adhesion.

10. Sprinkle some Baking Soda

This hack is a lifesaver when the guests are coming and getting the hair out of the carpet is the matter of life and death.  Baking soda not only absorbs bad odor but also loosens the grip of stubborn hair and dirt on your carpet. What you have to do is to sprinkle some baking soda and start rubbing the carpet with a brush or a broom. Leave it for some time so that it may set into the carpet. You can now use a broom or vacuum or any other cleaning equipment to clean up the mess. This hack delivers visible results and you will clearly see the difference in vacuuming hair before and after using baking soda.

11. Steam Clean your Carpet

Steam cleaning is a quicker and more efficient idea of cleaning hair from the carpet. The steam cleaner does not only clean hair from the carpet but also removes dirt, grime, and allergens from it effectively.

12. Use Balloons

Using balloons or rubber is a very simple way to get rid of the maximum hair stuck in the carpet because balloons also attract hair like rubber. They also produce static electricity that primes the hair and allows you to clean the carpet effortlessly.

13. Use a Lint Remover

You can also use a lint remover that you often use to clean your clothes from lint. However, it may cost you a lot because several sheets may be able to clean your carpet appropriately.

So, go through a few of our top picks that work wonders in getting out the tangled long hair or the shredded pet hair from the carpet.

How Do I Get Long Hair Out of my Carpet

I live in a home with 2 black Labrador dogs a wife and 2 daughters. Both of the ‘girls’ have long hair and always have, my wife included. On top of this, my 2 dogs are always shedding pet hair all over the place, especially during the summer months.
Because I only work part-time then the housework duties are mine which I don’t mind at all. For getting all the hair, including long hair, out of the carpet I use 2 vacuums, not because I need two but it is my preference.
For the main carpeted rooms I use a SharkFlex, I have had that for nearly 3 years and can’t fault it.

When I got the Shark it came with a motorized pet tool, extension wand, short wand, and a brush. I clean the filters (foam) every month or so and empty the detachable dust cup after every use, that is all I need to do.
Keep an eye out for any deals available that get the free pet tool. It has both high and low suction, the high is used for carpets, low for hardwood floors, and thinner carpets. The motorized pet brush is amazing, I do the dog beds every other day and it just picks the dog hair up easily, I also use it for stair cleaning.

The other vacuum I have is a Henry vacuum which is essentially a canister. The reason I have the Henry is that I dust with it using the soft brush with the short wand. It is a powerful vacuum and I just drag it around on its 4 wheels, it has a long cord – 33 ft and a HEPA filter, perfect for sucking up the dust.

NaceCare Henry Extra with XST1 Kit, Red
  • Powerful 0. 9 HP vacuum cleaner with 680 watt motor
  • Rewind head stores the 33- foot power cord internally
  • At only 47 dB(A) it is one of the quietest vacuums on the market
Shark Flex DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum.41 qts, Charcoal
  • Duo Clean Technology: combination of a bristle brush and soft roller invented to clean fine dust and small and large particles on both carpets and floors
  • Multiflex technology: folds over for compact, free standing storage and provides flexible reach to get under beds, couches, and tables
  • Designed for pets and allergens: anti allergen complete seal technology captures and traps 99. 9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum including many pollen, plant spores, pet allergens, and other particles Down to 1 micron

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