Remove Hair Dye From Carpet

How To Remove Hair Dye From Carpet

Hair dye is difficult to handle at the best of times and it’s even worse when spilled onto a carpet. This is why more and more people take their time finding the right solution to remove hair dye safely and efficiently.

If you are in this difficult situation right now, it’s time to learn how to remove hair dye from carpets the right way.

This guide is going to shed light on the most important tips on getting rid of hair dye and what products to use during the process.

Tips on How to Remove Hair Dye From Carpet

1) Press Wet Sponge Against the Stain 

The first thing you are going to do is prep the area.   Use a sponge to remove hair dye from carpets

Don’t rub the stain with a dry cloth. This won’t help with hair dye. Instead, you want to take a wet sponge (soaked in water) and begin pressing it against the hair dye.

This will loosen the dye and make it easier to use a specialized or DIY spot cleaner to help get the job done.


2) Use a Carpet Spot Remover

A specialized carpet spot remover is one of the best investments you can make during this process. The remover is going to allow you to quickly spread it over the stain and then watch as it gets down to work.

It removes most of the labor out of the process and that’s key when trying to keep things as simple as possible.

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3) Let Your Solution Sit for 30 Minutes

Let’s assume you have decided to use a quality carpet spot remover or DIY solution (i.e. dishwashing soap). In this case, you are going to want to press the solution into the carpet and then let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes.

This is going to allow the solution to do its job and pull the hair dye out of the fibers.

As it begins to pull out the dye, you can rub it with a cloth and clean the carpet. It can take a bit of time to master but patience is essential here.

4) Repeat Multiple Times

Whether you are using an ammonia solution, carpet spot remover, or a portable carpet cleaner, it’s important to repeat the process multiple times.

This is the only way you are going to make sure 100% of the hair dye is removed by the end of the process. As you learn how to remove hair dye from carpets, it’s this repetition that is going to become important.

What Products to Buy

1) Folex Carpet Spot Remover

This power-packed carpet spot remover is ideal for any type of stain on your carpet. It works with a wide array of carpet materials and is going to offer immediate results when put to use. The charm of using something like this is the simplicity of its instructions.

You simply target the patches of color and spray on top of them.

As you let the solution sit, it’s going to get rid of the hair dye within minutes. This is perfect for those who want a straightforward solution without compromising the quality or texture of their carpet.

2) Bissell Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner

This specialized carpet cleaner made by Bissell is a masterpiece when it comes to handling tough stains. It uses heatwave technology to help target the stain and can get through 3″ of carpeting without breaking a sweat.

The simplicity, power, and quality of this carpet cleaner are what make it an intriguing option for your hair dye removal needs.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to remove hair dye from carpets requires attention to detail and the right solution in hand. Too many people struggle to make sure all of the hair dye is removed, which can lead to patches of color spreading from one end of the carpet to the other.

To make sure this is not a problem, follow the tips listed in this guide.

As long as you follow these tips, the process won’t take a long time to complete and your carpet is going to look great from all angles.

This is essential for those who want to make sure they are not cutting corners and/or ruining the integrity of their carpet.

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