Robomann Robot Vacuums

Robomann Robot Vacuums.

Robomann, which was founded in 2019, is a manufacturing company specializing in developing smart appliances for your home or business. Robomann manufactures intelligent vacuum cleaners and aims at making the lives of the users more manageable and more comfortable. In general, Robomann’s products can be described in three words: portable, smart, and efficient.

Robomann Robot Vacuums 2021.

Robomann’s mission is to change the way of life by bringing advanced technologies into peoples’ lives. The Robomann team is made up of individuals from various fields and leading brands like Huawei and DJI innovations, to name a few. Having experienced individuals from different educational backgrounds and fields such as exterior design, mechanical structure design, electronic engineering, algorithm development, and manufacturing has been critical in Robomann’s rapid growth.

The company’s latest vacuum cleaner arrivals are the Robomann380 Robotic Vacuum Robot mop Automatic Cleaner and the Robomann361 Robotic Vacuum Robot mop Automatic Cleaner.

Let’s take a look at the key features and advantages of each of these amazing vacuum cleaners.

-> Robomann380 Robot Mop Automatic Cleaner

The Robomann380 is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with smart navigation that can be used to clean carpets, pet hair, and all floor types.

Key features:

• It’s powered by a 2600mAh large capacity battery.
• Has an automated charging system
• Damp mopping
• Has a capacity of 0.4 liters
• Has an adjustable suction strength of 1600- 2000pa
• It’s compatible with smart applications like Alexa.

Robomann380 Robot Vacuum
© Photo used with permission from myrobomann

Benefits Of The Robomann380 Robotic Vacuum Robot Mop Automatic Cleaner

– Large Capacity Battery

Its large capacity battery can last up to 120 minutes (2 hours), giving you ample time for carefree vacuum cleaning.

– Automatic Charging

The vacuum cleaner’s automatic charging system enables the charger to automatically start charging itself once its power is below 20%. The automatic charging function ensures the machine’s operation and keeps the house clean without the need for manual operation.

– Powerful Vacuum Suction

The machine has an adjustable two-stage suction. You can switch from 1800pa to 2000pa. Aside from the powerful suction, it has a roller brush, bilateral brush, mop, and a water tank. Its strong suction enables it to easily vacuum fine dust particles, small debris, hair, and spilled liquids.

– Mop Cleaning

The machine has a mop that enables it to mop while vacuuming at the same time. It’s equipped with a 400ml water tank suitable for large houses or apartments and a 400ml recovery box. Its filtration system has three layers which enable it to filter fine particles and remove dust, hair, and other debris.

– Comes With Several Robot Cleaning Modes

The Robomann380 uses smart applications for controlling and monitoring the cleaning progress in real-time. It has numerous cleaning modes to choose from; edge cleaning, spot cleaning, map cleaning, and mop cleaning.

Robomann380 Smart Navigating Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with 2000Pa Strong Suction, Alexa & APP Connectivity for Pet Hair, Carpet & All Types of Floor
  • SMART ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER:Robomann 380 Can Clean by one-Click Start Mode and Remote Control of the Route. Cleaning the whole House by Map Plan, and the Cleaned Place Can be Seen on App. The Infrared-Sensor Prevents Collision and Protect Furniture. Simply Schedule Sweeping, Change the Cleaning Mode in Real Time With Voice Prompt, Allows you to Start Cleaning by Alexa Voice Control
  • ROBOT VACUUM SUCTION: 1800pa ~ 2000pa Two-Stage Vacuum Adjustment, Suction Power Up to 2000pa in Powerful Mode, With Bilateral Brush + Roller Brush + Mop + Water Tank, Easy to Remove Household Garbage, Daily Dirt, Debris, Dust, Small Particles, Hair, Beans and Food Fragments and Liquid Stains on the Ground.
  • 2-in-1 ROBOT MOP: 400ml Dustbin Box Has the Large Capacity and Multiple Filtration Structures.The Three-Layer Filtration System Filters Fine Particles. The Large Capacity of 400ml Water Tank Can Easily Complete the Cleaning of Large Houses Work. It is Recommended to Use Some Disinfectant in the 400ml large-Capacity Water Tank for Disinfection and Mopping.

-> Robomann361 Robot Mop Automatic Cleaner

Key features:

• It’s powered by a 2600mAh large capacity battery.
• Has an automated charging system
• Mop cleaning
• Has a recovery box with a capacity of 0.6 liters
• Has a three-point adjustable suction strength of 1600 – 1800 – 2000pa
• It’s compatible with smart applications like Alexa.

Robomann380 Robotic Vacuum
© Photo used with permission from myrobomann

Benefits Of The Robomann361 Robotic Vacuum Robot Mop Automatic Cleaner

– Intelligent sweeping

The Robomann361 has an upgraded AI system and accurate sensors that enable it to identify obstacles, avoid trailing wires, and pass through barriers.

– Adjustable and powerful vacuum suction

The vacuum has a three-stage vacuum adjustment that allows you to adjust its suction power from 1600pa to 1800pa to 2200pa. Its powerful suction power enables more efficient and effective removal of dust, dirt, and other debris to meet all your household vacuum cleaning needs.

– Robot mop & trash bin

The vacuum has a 600ml trash bin with multiple filter structures, bilateral brushes, and a floating roller brush. It has a four-layer filtration system for filtering fine dust particles, dirt, pet hair, and other debris. It has a sealed air duct for more powerful cleaning efficiency. Its 400ml water tank capacity eliminates the need to add water routinely and is ideal for large apartments.

– Numerous Cleaning Modes

The Robomann361 has laser direct structuring (LDS) technology that does a 360 ° scan of your home’s structure using lasers. In the home environment, it can quickly and automatically select the appropriate cleaning solution. You can specify which areas you want the robot to clean using apps to set prohibited scanning areas. . It has numerous cleaning modes to choose from; edge cleaning, spot cleaning, designated area cleaning, and restricted area cleaning.

– Smart Capabilities

You can start the vacuum machine with the ALEXA voice link without lifting a finger. It can automatically plan the cleaning route and make a cleaning appointment. It also has an incredible room recognition ability. You don’t have to worry about the Robomann361 falling when cleaning staircases because it turns at the borderline thanks to its incredibly intelligent AI.

– Powerful Battery

Thanks to its large capacity battery, the Robomann361 can last up to 2 hours.

– Automated Charging

The Robomann361 has self-charging capability when power its power is below 20%.

Robomann 361 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser Navigation Smart - Wi-Fi Connected, 2200Pa, Selective Room Cleaning, No-Go Zones, Self Charge and Resume, Can Clean Low-Pile Carpets, Compatible with Alexa
  • Intelligent Sweeping Robot💎Robomann 361 is a Multi-Purpose Machine, 2-in-1 Cleaning Mode is Clean and Comprehensive. Upgrade the Brain, Identify More Common Obstacles in the Home, Highly Accurate Sensor Ranging, The Mobile Phone Map Function can Monitor the Working Trajectory of the Sweeping Robot in real Time, Avoid Winding Wires, and pass Through the Barrier Things, AI Highly Intelligent Cleaning Path Planning, Will not Miss the Places that need to be Cleaned.
  • Robot Vacuum Suction💎Large Suction 1600PA ~ 1800PA ~ 2200PA Optimized dust Suction System, Sealed air duct, Three-Stage Vacuum Adjustment, Adjustable Suction Size, No Loss of Suction, More Efficient, Effective Removal of Dust and Hair Hidden under the Sofa bed Source, The Cleaning Efficiency is More Powerful, Meeting the Household Cleaning needs. Accessory Search: B08L95SD18-For technical questions, please contact us.
  • Robot mop & trash bin💎The 600ml recycling bin has the characteristics of large capacity and multiple filter structures, four layers of fine dust cleaning, clean dust, hair, pet hair, equipped with bilateral brushes, floating roller brush. It can clean the deep in the gap between the floor and dust collection Dust system, sealed air duct, more powerful cleaning efficiency. 400ml water tank capacity, no need to add water frequently at home, easy to deal with large apartment.


Are you looking for an interesting, smart, efficient, and easy way to clean spaces? For the absolute best robot vacuum cleaner, consider Robomann Robot Vacuums. They are the most affordable and advanced in the robot vacuum lineup and compared to other similar models; they are the most effective cleaners. Robomann vacuums are also super quiet, work on a variety of flooring – plus, the tech makes them ideal for homes with young children and pets and residents with allergies and asthma.
The bottom line, Robomann robotic vacuums are excellent options and worth the investment.

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