How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner to Make it Last Longer

The device that cleans up your home needs a bit of cleaning for itself once in a while. Lack of maintenance and cleaning can make a new vacuum cleaner feel like a few years old. Learn how to clean a vacuum cleaner to make it last longer in our 10 easy steps. How to clean a vacuum depends on what type of vacuum you are using. Well, nothing to afraid. Any type of vacuums has a few standard parts and a user manual that makes it not very hard to clean. Few steps and your vacuum cleaner are clean and ready to go.

Before going to clean your vacuum always remember to unplug it from the electricity connection.

Steps to Clean the Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Go through the manual

The user manual that comes with your vacuum cleaner is the first thing you need before cleaning your vacuum. The manual will show how to remove all the parts from the main unit, which parts are washable and which are not.

  • Remove all the parts

Now remove all the parts apart from the vacuum cleaner. You may want to do this job outside of your house. Because it is going to be messy. If you have asthma or dust allergy then use proper masks while doing the job.

  • Empty the bag/dust cup

If your vacuum contains a dust cup, empty it in the bin. If it contains a dirtbag, then remove the dirtbag from the unit and clean it by dumping the dust in the bin.

  • Make a Baking soda solution

To clean your vacuum cleaner properly and make it smell like new, you can use this baking soda solution. Mix 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon baking soda. Now put it in a spray bottle. This solution can get rid of the unwanted smell out of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Clean the bag/ dust cup

Spray the solution in the dust cup and wipe with a fresh cloth. If not using the solution, you can also clean the dust cup by cleaning it with soapy water and leave it to dry.

If your vacuum comes with a bag, soak it in soapy water and clean it properly. Leave it for at least 24 hours, so it is completely dry. In the case of un-washable bags, replace it if it is needed.

  • Clean the filters

To clean the filters of your vacuum cleaner you need to check the filters are washable or not. In the case of washable filters, you can clean it with cold water and rinse it. Then leave the filters for at least a day to completely get it dry.

If the filters are not washable then clean the loose dust out of it just by carefully tapping it. You can also use air compressor blowguns to clean up these types of vacuums. Never soak an un-washable filter into water, because it will completely ruin the filter. Check if the filter needs to be replaced, do it if needed.

  • How to clean a vacuum hose

Cleaning the hosepipe of the vacuum cleaner is very important so that nothing gets stuck and your vacuum does not lose suction power. Take a broomstick and wrap a paper towel with duct tape around it. Now spray the baking soda solution on that side of the broomstick and clean the long hose pipe with it.

  • Cut hair out of the brush roll

Remove the brush roll from the beater bar. Don’t worry if there are a lot of tangled hair in the brush roll. Take a scissor and cut the hair out of it carefully. Just make sure you do not go to the bristles of the brush roll while cleaning the hair. Take a cotton swab and put some rubbing alcohol in it. Bow clean the beater bar with the cotton swab.

  • Use Rubbing alcohol to remove scuff marks

To make your vacuum cleaner look as new take the cotton swab and rub with it. The places with scuffs and scratches can be cleaned with alcohol rub and it will look much better and cleaner than before.

  • Clean all the other tools

Clean all the other extra tools and accessories like the crevice tool or the upholstery tools with soapy water or the baking soda solution.

  • Let dry for 24 hours

Let your vacuum cleaner parts to dry for at least 24 hours. Finally assemble them and your vacuum cleaner is ready to go.

Additional Tips:

  • Never use a wire hanger to clean your vacuum hose. You may end up scratching the hose pipe or making a hole in it.
  • Use a soft feather duster to get rid of dust out of the cartridge filter. Never use a toothbrush or hard brush to clean your vacuum filters.
  • Never try to wash un-washable HEPA filters. HEPA filters are extra sensitive and can be ruined very easily.
  • Never put the filters to dry under direct sunlight.
  • To keep your vacuum odor-free, you can put some tea leaf, orange peel or cinnamon stick inside the bag or the dust cup.
  • Always clean your vacuum bag or dirt cup when it’s 3/4th full.
  • Never put wet bags or filters in the vacuum cleaner.
  • To prevent damp smell, put a dryer sheet inside the bag or dust cup. Remove it before using the vacuum cleaner and restore it once you are finished.
  • You can also use a one-part water two-part vinegar solution to clean the house and the dust cup. But never put vinegar over any rubber parts of the vacuum cleaner. The acid of the vinegar can decay the rubber over time.
  • It is always better to put on some hand gloves and mask to prevent any type of dust germs to harm yourself.
  • Make sure there is no liquid on the electric part left while cleaning before you turn on the vacuum again.