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About Us Cleansuggest

Welcome to the CleanSuggest website!

Our objective is to provide the latest and best information on vacuum cleaners of all types, from small car vacuums to huge leaf vacuums for the yard. We also provide advice, guides, and tips on household cleaning with a particular focus on vacuuming. But first, a little about us!

We have decades of experience working with vacuum cleaners and enjoy sharing what we have learned with family, friends, and you! We review vacuums every day and bring the results to you via this website. Our reviews are impartial, although we do get a small commission if you buy through our links. The commission is the same for all makes and models so there is no incentive for us the promote anyone in particular. The commission we receive helps to offset the costs of providing this informational website.

About Vacuuming

One of the most often-asked questions is, “How often should I vacuum?” and while it is a simple question, the answer, as is so often the case is, “It depends!” Some of the factors that will influence the timescale are, whether you have pets in the house, whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, how many people live with you, how “busy” the house is, and, of course, how much time you have.

This vexing question is one that we answer in some of our guides and tips so we encourage you to explore our website, using the search feature if necessary, and find out what we think is the best routine.

Website Structure

We have designed the website to be as user-friendly as possible and to that end, it is divided into five main categories:

  1. Reviews of vacuums for specific purposes, such as removing long hair from carpets, cleaning swimming pools, or vacuuming cars. These articles are designed to help you to select the most appropriate make and model for your circumstances by comparing them, feature by feature, and highlighting the pros and cons of each one.
  2. Reviews of vacuum cleaners by type: robots, uprights, canisters, hand-held, etc. In these pages, we describe the tasks that each type of vacuum is best suited for and, again, offer head-to-head comparisons so that you can see which are likely to best suit your needs.
  3. “Spotlight on manufacturers” feature articles. These describe the complete range offered by one manufacturer and discuss the best models for specific tasks. Often our subscribers already know which make they prefer but aren’t sure which model will be best for the job they have in mind. These detailed reviews can help answer that question.
  4. Guides, tips, and advice to help you to get the most out of your equipment and to keep your home as clean and tidy as you would wish. Whether the question is about removing pet hair from shag carpets or leaves from a swimming pool, you can almost certainly find the answer here and, if not, just drop us a line via the Contact Us page and we’ll answer it personally for you.
  5. Our blog: articles relating to any and all topics to do with cleaning in general and vacuuming in particular. The articles you find here are often written by our staff but we also curate articles of interest from other influential websites to bring you the best practices and latest information on all topics about cleaning your home.

You will always find links to our most popular items on the front page and you can access the other parts of the site via the menu items at the top of each page. If you don’t see what you are looking for, try the search field in the navigation bar.

Want To Get In Touch?

We always love to hear from our customers with any comments, or just to answer more questions about us. Our business is dedicated to helping you to get the best possible advice on vacuum cleaners and household cleaning issues. You can email us at [email protected] or get in touch through our Contact page.

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We look forward to “meeting” you!