Vacuum Cleaner Smells?

Vacuum Cleaner Smells?A smelly vacuum cleaner is a very common problem for most houses with pets. If you have a dog in your home then you often find that your vacuum cleaner smells like a dog etc. Even without having pets, those who are too lazy to clean their vacuum regularly can face this problem. Follow some of our simple tricks to get rid of unwanted odor if your vacuum cleaner smells.

How to get rid of the bad smell from a vacuum cleaner?

First of all, find out where the smell is coming from and clean that area properly.

    • Clean a smelly bag: In case of a bagged vacuum, your first task is to empty the bag and clean it properly. If you are using a washable bag then soak it in soapy water. Give it a good wash and leave it until it is completely dry. To get rid of hard odors you can also use some lemon juice or any flavored essential oil in the soapy mix.
    • Replace bags: If your vacuum cleaner uses un-washable bags, dispose of the dirty bag, and replace it with a new one.
    • Clean or replace filters: Remove the filters from the vacuum cleaner. If the smell is coming from the filter then you must replace or clean it. One of the most common reasons for smelly filters is by putting a damp filter back in the vacuum cleaner. Whenever you are washing your vacuum filters leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. If you put the filter back while it is still wet, it could grow fungus and cause a damp smell. If you are using a disposable filter then change it immediately, they don’t cost much to replace.
    • Blockage: Check if there are any blockages in the hose pipe. Blockages can prevent dirt and debris from going into the dirtbag or dust cup. The blockage could create a bad smell as well as decreasing the suction power. It is best to regularly check the hose pipe for any kind of blockage. If you do find a blockage, use a broomstick to clean it, don’t use a wire coat hanger as it could cause damage to the hose.
    • Brushroll cleaning: If your vacuum cleaner smells like a dog then there is a chance that your brushroll is tangled with dog hair and pet dander. To clean a tangled brush roll remove it from the beater bar. Carefully cut the tangled hair with scissors and give it a good wash to preventing any more odor.
    • Bagless vacuum cleaner: When a bagless vacuum cleaner smells bad, cleaning the dust cup is the best tip. Dust cups should be emptied immediately after you use the vacuum cleaner. To get rid of any bad odors from the dust cup, clean it with soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. For a more effective way to keep the odor out of a dust cup, you can check the solutions mentioned below.

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How to make your vacuum cleaner smell fresh:

Once you found where the smell is coming from and already cleaned it, you can do the following things to make your vacuum cleaner smell fresh.

Baking Soda Water

Baking soda is an amazing and natural way to get rid of any type of unwanted smell. Especially if your vacuum cleaner smells like dog or cat pee, it is the easiest solution to try. Make a solution with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 cups of water. Now spray it in the dust cup and beater bar then wipe with a clean dry cloth. If the smell is hard then you can make a more concentrated solution and soak the dust cup and the other accessories which are washable.

Cleaning your washable vacuum bags is a good way to get rid of the damp smell from it. On the other hand, filters are more sensitive than vacuum bags. Never wash a washable filter with anything other than water unless it is mentioned in your user manual.  You will find that your machine is more effective after the filters have been replaced or cleaned too.

Cinnamon Stick/ Baking Soda/ Orange Peel

If washing is not an option then you can put some baking soda or cinnamon sticks inside the bag or the dust cup. You can also use some orange or lemon peel in the same way. All of these are great remedies for a bad smell.

Deodorize with cat litter for less damp

If you want to prevent your vacuum cleaner from getting a damp smell again, put some cat letter inside the bag or dust cup. Cat litter is great as a deodorizer and is very absorbent.

Dryer Sheet

Another good deodorizer is dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are most effective if the vacuum is smelling wet or damp. Just put a few dryer sheets inside the dirtbag or dust cap when you are not using the vacuum cleaner. Remove them before using the machine and replace them once in a while.

Vacuuming a Towel

If there is only a small amount of smell or you just want to make the vacuum smell better, then this is a very easy trick. It does not need any cleaning or soaking with water.

Get a towel and spray some vanilla or orange extract on it, you can also use lemon juice or any other kind of flavor. Now vacuum the towel using a low suction power. This is a very effective and easy way to keep your vacuum smelling fresh.

Vacuuming Ground Cinnamon/ Baking Soda

Another easy trick to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh is this. Put some ground cinnamon or baking soda on the floor and vacuum it. This will deodorize the whole vacuum machine. Practicing it regularly can prevent any bad smells from developing in the vacuum cleaner.

Regularly cleaning your vacuum’s dirtbag or dust cup will help to reduce the chance of any bad odors. These are the few very easy tricks that you can do to prevent or getting rid of any kind of unwanted smell in your vacuum cleaner.