Best wall mounted garage vacuum

Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum.

If you are looking for a wall-mounted garage vacuum then really you need to have a clear idea of what features you should be looking for in a garage vacuum. There are different types of garage and shop vacs that come with different features and prices. Depending on what features are most important for you and the budget that you want to spend, you then need to decide which one to get.

A garage vacuum can be extremely helpful to keep your garage space clean and organized. Well, my garage space is usually filled up with all the big unnecessary things that I may not have used in ages. If you are not a big DIY fan like me, then you’d know how your garage can be the space for storing all your crazy stuff.

It’s quite hard to find space for a big-size vacuum cleaner inside that space, this is why I want to suggest that you pick a garage vacuum that is wall-mounted. A wall-mounted garage vacuum is easy to fit on your garage walls and comes in handy when you decide to clean up your garage space. There are many options available to choose from, you then just need to pick which is most suitable for you.

The Top 7 Best Selling Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums 2021

Why should you buy a wall-mounted garage vacuum?

Wall-mounted garage vacuums are usually big and powerful vacuums that can easily clean up trash and dust produced in a garage. These vacuums are also designed to be used in workshops. You can easily clean wood dust after using your saws or cement trash with these vacuums. The powerful suction of these vacuums is suitable for cleaning your car interior too. So, as well as using it to clean a garage, you can use it for many other purposes too.

People who do have small workstations and cannot afford a high spec industrial vacuum cleaner can easily go for a wall-mounted garage vacuum as a cheaper alternative. These vacuums come with a long hose, which lets you clean a big radius without carrying it all the time like a mini handheld vacuum.

If your wall-mounted garage vacuum contains the necessary extra brush tools then you’ll see how easy it is to keep your garage or workspace clean and tidy. No need to find a shelf for it or get tensed about storage space, as it is mounted on the wall without taking up any valuable floor space. If you do not have a car vac, this can be a great alternative for keeping your car dust and dirt-free.  You can use some wall-mounted garage vacuums as a leaf blower or a car air dryer, depending on the model.

Things to consider before buying a wall-mounted shop vac

Power: It is very important to have good suction power for any vacuum. In the case of a garage vacuum, having a high suction power is even more important, simply because you are dealing with a high amount of dirt and debris.

Hose: As your vacuum unit will be wall-mounted, having a long hose length is a must. Also, the hose needs to be made of crush-proof materials and not very stiff or sharp. You don’t want scratches on your car if you use it for that!

Wet & Dry: Not all vacuums come with a wet and dry option. If you think you’ll use it for both wet and dry vacuuming in your garage or workspace, then you should look for a wet and dry garage vacuum.

Attachments: Most of the best wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaners come with lots of brush tools and other attachments. These attachments help you to clean those tight areas, hard-to-reach areas, or even small parts of your car dashboard.

Filtration: A lot of the best wall-mounted garage vacuums come with a HEPA filter or different types of regular filters. It is always better to have filters in your cleaner then at least you know that the dust particles and airborne allergens aren’t going to create any problems.

Weight & Portability: Garage vacuum cleaners are not a good option for carrying around while you are using them, some of them are really heavy! Ideally, if you think you are going to use it outside of your garage or workspace, you should go for a lightweight model. Also, a few vacuums are easier to pull off from the wall mounting and carry than others.

The Top 5 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums:

1. Vacumaid GV30 

VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum with 30 ft Hose and Tools
  • Includes 30' hose & hanger, caddy bag, telescopic wand, dusting brush, floor & crevice tools
  • Easy to change 7 gallon 5 layer HEPA style bag - No messy cans to empty or filters to clean.
  • 5.1” Ametek Lamb Motor for up to 25% more life than comparative brands.

VacuMaid is one of the most popular brands that manufacture quality garage vacuum cleaners. In my opinion, the VacuMaid’s GV30 is one of the best wall mounted garage vacuums available on the market.

It comes with a 30 ft long hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting brush, and floor/upholstery tools, which are perfect for all kinds of vacuum cleaning in a garage or a workstation. The tools are perfect if you want to clean your car with this vacuum. This vacuum cleaner contains a sealed HEPA filter inside the tank which is quite easy to clean. The mounting is very easy to install and you can also use it by pulling the unit from the mounting to use wherever you need it.


  • Powerful Suction
  • 30 ft Long Hose
  • Comes with a sealed HEPA filter bag
  • Usable as blower
  • Varieties of attachments
  • Long-lasting


  • Cost is comparatively higher than other garage vacuums
  • Need to change the bag after a certain time or wash it.

2. Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum, 18P03

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports the Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets
  • 12 Amp Wet/Dry Vacuum: Picks up both wet and dry messes in the garage, car, workshop, etc.
  • Converts to blower - Cleaning System: Helix System. Suctions up wet and dry debris

Bissell is popular for its range of regular household vacuum cleaners that come at a very reasonable budget-friendly price. Its 12-amp motor produces powerful suction to clean up a mess like wood dust or cement.  It easily handles liquid mess with this wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It contains a 32 ft hose along with numerous very effective vacuum tools and brushes.

Among these tools, there are 7 car cleaning attachments, which are very good for cleaning your garage, car interior, or workshop. These 7 attachments include 2-floor cleaning brushes of two different sizes, which you can use to clean a carpeted floor or even hardwood floors.

You can also easily convert this device into a leaf blower. The transparent water tank lets you know when to empty the tank. This wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is a great option to keep your garage or workshop clean and tidy.


  • Powerful 12-amp suction
  • 32-ft hose
  • Wet and dry use
  • Easy to wall mount
  • 7 attachments included
  • Good for multi-surface vacuuming
  • Good as a car vacuum
  • Transparent dust & water tank
  • Led indicator when the tank is full
  • Works as a blower


  • None

3. GarageVac GH120-E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

GarageVac GH120-E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum with Accessory
  • HYPO ALLERGENIC FILTRATION - Patented design of the vacuum chamber prevents the bag from collapsing so it can fill all the way to the top without losing suction and as a result will not contaminate the air
  • COMPACT - Saves valuable garage space. Sleek, lightweight alternative to bulky canister style garage vacuums but just as powerful. Only 2 ½ feet of wall space is required
  • STEEL ONE-PIECE WAND - Adjustable to various heights and crack/rust resistant

The GarageVac GH120 comes with all the accessories you could possibly need for great detailed cleaning. Its built-in tool caddy conveniently holds a dashboard brush. Besides the adjustable wand, you also get a special brush to clean the interior of your car, a tool for cleaning upholstery, and a wall clamp to hold the wand in place.

The 40ft hose compacts down to just 8ft which is a great space-saving design and comes with a one-piece aluminum telescopic wand that easily adjusts to different lengths. The long hose can work in both small and large spaces. The stretch maintains strong suction at all lengths.


  • Compact space-saving size
  • Great suction power despite its small size
  • One-piece adjustable steel wand
  • Crack and rust-resistant wand
  • Easy to install wall vacuum
  • Great as a car vacuum
  • 5 yr warranty


  • 1-gallon waste capacity
  • Only for dry use

4. Vacmaster Wet/Dry Wall Mountable

Vacmaster VWM510 5-Gallon 5 Peak HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum , Blue
  • 2-Stage Motor for Powerful Suction and Quiet Operation
  • Complete Vac Organization with On-Board Hose, Cord and Accessory Storage
  • 20-Foot Cord with Cord Storage

Vacmaster Wet/Dry wall-mountable vacuum cleaner is a good multipurpose vacuum that you can use for cleaning your, garage, workspace, car, and even your house. This device comes with a 5-gallon tank and a 2 stage motor that provides amazing suction power but is very quiet at the same time.

I love this vacuum because it is very easy to pull it off from the mounting using a lever and take it inside your home. It is a very well featured vacuum that comes at a competitive price.

This vacuum includes extension wands, dust brush, combo nozzle brush, crevice tool, car nozzle, and remote-control handle. These extra tools help to easily clean your car, workstation, your house, or simply a messed-up garage.
So if you are looking for a budget-friendly wall-mounted vacuum, it is a great option to go for.


  • Powerful suction
  • Comes with an on-off remote control
  • Long Flexible 21 ft Hose
  • Wet & Dry option
  • Small compact size
  • Easy to mount and remove from mounting
  • Washable cartridge filter
  • Works as a blower


  • None

5. Shop-Vac 3.5-Gallon 3.0-Peak HP Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 3940100 3.5-Gallon 3.0-Peak HP Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum , Red
  • This wall mount Wet / Dry vacuum has a 3.5-gal. tank and a 3 peak horsepower motor. It offers cleaning convenience for the garage, workshop, or anywhere a hands-free vacuum is needed
  • This wet vac is great for quick wet or dry pick up jobs in your home, garage, workshop or vehicle
  • Comes equipped with an 18 ft. Lock-On hose, 1-1/4 in. diameter extension wands, 12 in. nozzle with brush and squeegee, round brush, gulper nozzle and crevice tool, collection bag, foam sleeve and cartridge and a tool storage bag

Shop-Vac 3942000 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum is another good option as a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner. It is much more lightweight than the other vacuums mentioned above. This vacuum is more suited for users on a tight budget. Personally, I do prefer the Vacmaster Wet/Dry Wall Mountable vacuum over this one.


  • 3 HP motor suction
  • Lightweight comparing other garage vacuums
  • Easy to mount
  • Wet & dry use
  • Foam sleeve cartridge filter
  • Comes with cleaning accessories


  • Small 18 ft hose may not be preferred for big garages
  • Need to change filter bags


These are all great wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaners but before going to buy one, check again which vacuum fulfills all your needs and fits properly in your budget. Hope I could help you with my findings and reviews of these products.

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