How to Clean Carpet on Stairs Using a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs Using a Vacuum Cleaner

How to clean carpet on stairs using a vacuum cleaner may not be rocket science, but it can be tricky, but not if you use the right tools and vacuum for stairs. Well, to make your job easier here’s how to vacuum stairs efficiently and the best way to vacuum carpeted stairs.

Vacuuming your stairs is not the only way to keep your stairs clean and dust-free. In the case of carpeted stairs, you should also consider shampooing your stair carpets once in a while to get rid of the maximum amount of dirt. In case you do not have a carpet shampooer or cleaner, then you can go for regularly vacuuming your stairs, at least you remove the loose dirt periodically and, it can’t get matted inside the piles of the carpet. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner is good enough to take care of wooden stairs or tiled stairs.

How to Vacuum Stairs Easily:

  • The easiest way to vacuum stairs is to use a lightweight, easy to maneuver, long corded vacuum cleaner. It is even better if the vacuum comes with a small stair cleaning brush attachment as well as a crevice tool.
  • Before starting to vacuum, try to make sure you pick up any large scraps of paper or any kind of removable debris from the stairs which could cause a nozzle blockage.
  • If you are using a canister vacuum then leave the vacuum cleaner on the lowest staircase. Never put the vacuum cleaner on the upper stair and start to vacuum, it could accidentally fall and end up damaging the vacuum and hurting yourself.
  • If you are using an upright vacuum cleaner then starting from the higher stair would be a better option. Simply because carrying the unit up will be more tiring than carrying it down.
  • Put the crevice tool on the vacuum hose and clean the stair edges with it. The corners and edges of the stairs can capture a lot of dirt. The crevice tool can help to do the deep clean in the edges and the corners of the stairs. In case your vacuum does not come with a crevice tool, you can clean the corners by using an extension hose.
  • Now switch to the beater bar and move it back and forth to clean the stairs. Don’t forget to clean the vertical side of the staircases. Move it up and down to clean that side properly.
  • If your vacuum cleaner comes with a small motorized pet hair tool, use that instead of the beater bar to clean the stairs, because of its small size, this type of brush helps you to clean the stairs.
  • Handheld vacuums are also an amazing option to clean stairs. It is one of the easiest ways to vacuum the stairs. Usually, handheld vacuum cleaners are super lightweight in comparison to other types of vacuum cleaner so you don’t need to carry the extra weight while cleaning. With a handheld vacuum, you can thoroughly clean each stair horizontally and vertically.

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs Using a Vacuum Cleaner:

If your stairs do have a carpet then sometimes it can be tricky to clean with a vacuum cleaner. But if you can regularly clean the stair carpet by vacuuming it, you will be able to keep it fresh and as good as new.

  • One of the best ways to vacuum carpeted stairs is by using a powerful vacuum that works well on carpets, really you can use any kind of vacuum as long as it has good suction power. High suction power is very important to deep clean a carpet.
  • If your carpet has small piles then you can use a beater bar with a brush roll. In case of high pile carpets then go for a beater bar that doesn’t have a brush roll or at least you can turn off the brush roll. If not then the bristles could tangle with the long fiber material and ruin your carpet.
  • Whichever you use, a canister or an upright, check if the vacuum has a height adjustment option. Most vacuum cleaners these days come with either manual height adjustment with an auto height adjustment feature.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to vacuum carpeted stairs, and you could increase the lifespan of your stair carpet. You can find the best vacuums for stair cleaning here. You don’t need to buy an expensive and fancy vacuum cleaner to keep your stairs clean. Choose the best vacuum cleaner for stairs and the rest is easy.